Monday, May 30, 2011



this is the first thing Alana said to me tonight after work. Carne Asada to be specific. SO THEENNN she orders some from El Torito, and now she is driving my car to go pick it up. Well the only way I was going to let her use my car was if she did me a Leeetttllleeee favvvvuuuurrr. (Italian accent) Don't ask. She had to stop at the gas station and pick me up reese's and diet coke:) YAYYAYYAYAYA, I WAS DYING WITHOUT THEM!! So then I texted and said this... ahem.... "Hey will you get 3 little ones if they don't have the kong sized?? (I literally have bought every single one:) And if they have king sized get two ha. And just get the normal sized diet coke, GRACIAS. 

This was her reply...

They have Kong sized?!?!?!?! Is that bigger than King?? 



Then I told her I just typed it wrong and was laughing out loud, and she goes Oh haha, shiii, I thought that was hella cool!

NERD, but yeah Alana entertains me. 

One night we sat in two different rooms messaging each other, call each other names and all of a sudden I started saying nice names like kind gentle funny... etc... and at the same time we both said friendly ha. Then she said piglets. PIGLETS. WTF. Haha, she is special:) 

Now she says piglets all the time

Anyway, not much of a blog post but it freakin made me laugh haha

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