Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Okay, so as of five minutes ago, I decided I will speak French fluently by the end of the summer! Rosetta stone... here I come. Ha, Marie showed me this cute video, and I've made up my mind that my first child will be taught French at a young age. I'm absolutely obsessed. Please watch and tell me this isn't the cutest thing you have EVER seen. I'm in love.

Here you go Chelsea; you're now officially a part of my blog! Chelsea, (a co-worker of mine) mentioned that she had an extra spot in the place she is moving for the summer. Well it just so happened that I'm looking for a place to move into for JUST the summer. That was going to be really hard without signing some sort of a lease, and supplying a deposit. Seriously almost died when she told me that I could move in and Er could stay with me and we would pay $750 a month.... with NO deposit.

TOTAL answer to my prayers!

So thank you CHELSEA. You're my new best friend:) 

Also, I will be hosting a Poker night at my place each week. I will let you know the days as soon as I know ha. I love Poker, and for some reason I always win! I love it, so if you want to come lose some money... lemme know. I'm down to make some;) 

GOOD NEWS: My mom called the post office and my Easter card is trackable!! My roommate had told me that normal mail was more than likely untraceable, so that was exciting to hear! I'm ecstatic!! I was so worried about my poor lil easter card and on Saturday I will finally be able to see where he ended up!! 


Love you easter bunny;) 

On a side note: I'm having zombie and COD withdrawals. Please help, if anyone wants to donate their Xbox, I will gladly take it off their hands. I also have decided it saved me a lot of money! Now when I'm bored I just go and BUY some food. I need to learn how to cook, geez. Wow all these things I have to do!! I need to get better at all of this. Someone teach me! I'm 22 years old and spend all of my money on food. Sickening. Grow up Danyel. Sorry that was random.

Lastly, I seriously can't wait to visit home. I miss my momma, my sisters, and my padre. PLUS I MISS MY DOGS OF COURSE!! Loves of my life! I also get to stop by St. George and stay at my aunt's house for the night, and then she is taking me camera shopping in the morning!! I have my new glasses and my new laptop case I bought waiting for me at home, and on top of that I get paid tomorrow:) It should be pretty decent too since my 27 hour shift went on it!! I'm also thinking about splurging and upgrading to the white iphone... still debating though. I might wait for the iphone five, hmm decisions. All I know is the next two weeks are going to be the BEST, and the summer is after that. I didn't know if 2010 could be beat, but I'm really starting to think it just might!! Anyways, love you all!! I'm off to try and shut my mind off! Ha, night:)

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