Thursday, May 5, 2011


Why do I crave sugar like it's my day job? 
That is the question I am asking myself right now. I feel as though I might collapse if I don't inhale an 8 pack of reese's peanut butter cups in the next five minutes. I used to believe that you could give yourself diabetes by eating so much, but luckily my roommate put that rumor to rest. Now I'm thinking I have that other disease where you think you have a disease so much that you give it to yourself. Ugh, if you followed that, you deserve an award. Anyway, back to the subject... sugar. I heard once that if people had never started eating sugar, that it would be considered a drug nowadays. Kind of random, don't know how true that is, but it makes you think:) I literally think about candy, cookies, anything with sugar in it, 
 I never used to like candy, always hated cake, bread, etc... until I found out I was allergic to them. So either this is all in my head, or somehow  when I quit eating them, my body became unbalanced. Strange I know. 

Anyway, that was boring. Sorry.

Buttttt...... on a lighter note, Brandy is getting swimsuits!!!!  
Seriously I can't wait to see them. I want them in the store now, they were supposed to be here by tomorrow so hopefully! I will be sad if they come after I leave to Utah ha, that would suck. 

I have a big to-do list today, most of which I will probably not do (seeing as how these to-do's have been to-do's for a while:) ahem...

1. Laundry 
2. Deposit money
3. Fill my gas tank
4. Buy groceries
5. Get a mothers day present for my momma

1..... Laundry. JOKE. I have to be the laziest person. I literally only had a single duffel bag full of clothes when I moved here, and now there is no way my stuff would fit in two. You'd think I was rich the way I've been buying clothes... but no, the reason I have so much clothing is because instead of washing my already paid for clothes, I just put something on at work when I get there, and buy it as I leave.... smart huh. Oh geez. I'm retarded. 

2..... Deposit money. This should have been a number one priority. I am not allowed to carry cash. Cash is poison to me, it feels like free money... which doesn't make sense, but when I have cash, I feel like it's only there to serve one purpose, to buy EXTRA stuff. It's like I justify in my head that it's already subtracted out of my bank account, so it doesn't matter. My brain is so weird. Anyway when my car was only $187, I had taken out $400, anticipating it being a lot more... well sweet, got a good deal, now go put the money back in the bank. Oops, I don't even know where it went, I think I have like $70 left. It's sickening. HELP

3..... Gas, is not fun, at all, and even though this is on my to-do list, I'm kind of glad this one isn't done. My tank is on E, yes it's true, but because of that, I'm not driving around. You know that full gas tank feeling? Like oh, my gas tank is full, means I could go sooo far before I would run out of gas, so where can I drive to waste it? Like I said, my brain is whack. But I've definitely put that off, and I'm really going to try and put it off until I have to fill the whole thing on Monday to head home!! Yay home!!

4..... Groceries. Well I don't feel so bad about this one, kind of though. I spend a lot of money on food when I am at work, when I should just take something from home, however, I really am not a very good grocery shopper to begin with. I buy the basics, eggs, milk, cheese, not bread, but ya know, then I get chips and salsa, maybe some cereal, and reese's and diet coke duh. That's it. Well there is only so much you can do with that. I SHOULD buy vegetables, but I don't, don't ask me why. I don't buy meat because I don't think I would be good at preparing it. I suck, seriously. Maybe if I had time to prepare these things I would, but it is definitely easier to cut off a few slices of cheese, take a few pieces of sandwich meat and eat that then it would be to cook something (yes, that is what I had for dinner tonight). Add a bowl of instant oatmeal and a spoonful of peanut butter and voila!! 

5..... Shoot!! I forgot about this one again even as I was typing this. I don't know what to get my momma!! My mom is one of those sentimental mommas. She would like a card over a gift card any day. Should be easy right? Well not when you're mom literally is THEE BEST MOM. Normal moms would like anything, but my mom would like nothing:) She is the best, sweetest, most loving mom in the whole world, and if she reads this she will probably cry, THAT is how special she is:) I love you momma!!

So there is my to-do list, if anyone wants to participate, please notify me immediately. Gracias. 

Oh and have a good day:)

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