Monday, May 16, 2011


So obviously I haven't blogged the last few days, I'm kind of surprised that I've still had views:) Makes me feel special! ha Anyway, blogger was down for TWO whole freaking days. It pissed me off, but now this post will just have that much more to look at!


First of all we get to the block party "after party" and there are just a bunch of people outside of a house saying no one is home... Odd. Hmm Oh well, better go in... so we do. I literally was the first guest HA. Turns out there was someone in the house, no one even knocked. Don't even worry, we kicked the party off just right:)

Ash, just sitting alone... before everyone got there

Bekah and Erin chilling.

Then people started showing up!!

Ash... again oops

There's Kayla and her friends! 

There is Erin and me being nerdy

Ahhhh Matt and LUPE!!! Seriously the cutest most mellow dog EVER. 

He was really scared of everyone. He loved me ha.

This is after people started showing up, I mostly posted just my friends in here, but on facebook there are TONS of pictures. Everyone kept asking me if I was the designated photographer... nope. Don't even know what kind of camera I have. Personally I think they were looking for something to talk about.... ugh. 


Ash and some of her male friends

Oh hey look who it is.... my blog stalker... he kept telling me how much he liked my blog and I didn't even know who he was.... SKETCH. Jk ha, oh boy. This is Tanner, and we do actually know each other, and I was telling him about MY blog ha. He had no idea. 

Oh the Weekes brothers, inseparable. Ha I see them at EVERY Provo party

Chaz has a great smile ha.

Jaren, he always looks so darn good in pictures:)

Oh hey fellas


Ha Jaron, what are you smoking?? 

Oh Bekah with her brother's babes ha.

After the "after party" we had our own "after party" ha

Here Ash must have said something strange judging by the look on Erin's face ha

Cameron is a cute laugher

Awe Kodii

Seth wouldn't play with me... he just wanted to play pinball all night BOO

Ha Erin

They were funny

Oh hey Seth, Shad, and Cameron

Oh there is Kevin and me.

We're a little different

Seth made Ash fall

Hahaha love this picture:)

Seth Howell ladies and gentlemen

Then we have Jordan over at his house. SICK PLACE

Ash looks sleepy... it was 3 in the morning afterall

Ha I love this picture

Erin looks super comfortable

Then Timp was closed so Angela, her cousin, and me hiked some random trail ha. 

We stopped after about 6 minutes ha. We were already sweating... it doesn't look warm but it was!

Ummmmm, we ran into a moose... what did we do when we saw it you ask? We took pictures of course!

There is it's butt ha

At the top there was a lot of snow and we actually couldn't go any further because of it... we were still sweating too.

There I am looking super nerdy

And there I am drinking out of my camelback ha... looking even more nerdy

There is Angela and her cousin. They were awesome to come and hike with me ha. We had just met.

This was at the bottom, you can tell it wasn't so cold down there.

Then we headed to Provo once again, this time for a BBQ

We saw this rainbow on the way down there.

Here Ash is eating a hot dog. Makes me want one right now... 

And there is Brian... we had biology together but had never actually talked ha. Now we're friends.

Bekah and Erin.... eating obviously ha

Everyone's mouths were full ha.

The boys snuck off to see saw... real mature guys.

We waited a really long time for a turn, but they wouldn't share:(

They tried to get tricky but they just got hurt. BAHAHAHAHA

There I am... eating a hot dog. Really attractive. 

Five breast... excuse me, best friends:)

They love me, I know they miss me already ha

They were all playing with my hair

Then we decided to use my hair for an experiment. Ha this is how it turned out.

There is Bekah blonde....

And there she is with MY hair haha

Then we decided it was our turn.... JERKS

They wouldn't let us ride it alone... boys ugh

Jk, I made the whole thing up. They shared...

They shared lots:)

But then they did try to launch Bekah off... RUDE... but funny ha

But Bekah was too strong:) 

Group photo...

or 2

Then Jentri did a handstand... crazy I know.

But she did it... yikes.

Then I left though because I had to take off... But my trip to Utah was most memorable and I definitely have some funny funny videos that I've yet to post! Hope you enjoyed getting caught up with my boring life ha. Night.

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