Sunday, May 8, 2011


 I got a camera! 
Now my blog will actually be worth looking at, or at least more fun:) 

Yesterday, I woke up, washed my laundry, packed my bed, bags, etc, and headed into work. I worked from 3 until 8, then was on the road at about 8:45PM. LONG drive, well so my GPS claimed. I beat it:) It's kind of bad, almost like a challenge. So my arrival time was projected to be 4:00AM in St. George, I made it by 2:45. Took off a whole hour and 15 min:) I stayed the night at my aunts and then the next morning went to best buy and got a camera!!! Ahhh FINALLY. My aunt is a photographer, so she helped me pick a good one. Thhhheeeen HOME. Yay, so excited. I was so anxious to see my momma:) I knew she would freak out, and nobody knew I was coming so it was going to be a BIG surprise. So I bought some flowers, and my friend PETRA helped me put my camera together and then I drove to my house!!!!



My mom bawled her eyes out. Ha I knew she would. It was everything I'd hoped for! I love her, and she really is the best momma ever. 

The first 3 pictures taken on my camera:)


Petra ^ and her dog Miley below, they helped me get my camera together:)

We took a lot of pictures, I don't really know what I'm doing yet, but here they are:)

There is my momma and Mikayla doing the dishes:)

And this was my happy reunion with Todd:) Awe, it seriously was the best! I love him so much!

My momma and me:) She is talking obviously ha

Mikayla...... need I say more? Haha

Another picture of my momma and me, someone else was obviously taking a picture 

And this is Ashli, she likes to sing Chicago:)



Sage, she really is a sweetheart, even though she looks like the devil in this!

My big boy ha, he looks huge because his hair is so long, we are going to get him cut though! He is actually really skinny and it's funny when he gets groomed because he looks like a completely different dog!

ANYWAY, so far so good:) I love being home. I found myself taking pictures of the mountains as I was driving home ha. I had to refrain from posting them on facebook, and giving away my secret mother's day gift. But I sure do love them:) Can't wait to see all my friends!! I'm gonna take lots and lots of pictures! It will be fun!

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