Thursday, June 2, 2011


 I am officially moving back to UTAH.
AKA the best place on earth:) 
Oh how I've missed it!! 
See you on the 18th:)

FORGOT TO MENTION: I freakin went backstage the Glee concert with JAYMZ TUAILEVA. I SAW ALL THE GIRLS ON GLEE HA, they are all shorter than me. It was way cool. Thanks again boo!!

Next, the reese's addiction is worse than ever!! Like BAD. The other night I had 20 full size cups in about 4 hours. I'm disgusting. Today I only had six and have decided that's the perfect amount. I don't get sick... that's my problem. Most people die when they even a few haha. I have depleted the stock of king size reese's peanut butter cups at the gas station, and I'm about through the normal size. Oh my I don't want to have to drive any further to get more. 


Also, I'm learning to surf in two weeks!! Yay, my friend has surfed her whole life and she is gonna come with!! I am working through Sunday next week (While Alana is going to be out of town) and then I am going to play SOOO hard the week after!! Ahh I can't wait. I miss playing. I went to the beach for the first time today, I hadn't even seen the sun in over three weeks. Ha it's the worst. The sun felt sooo good! It would definitely be so fun to just be able to play here:) So glad to have made lots of friends I can visit once I don't live here anymore. But... SLC here I come!!

Anyway, blah blah blah ha 
Here are some pics 

Alana's a dork

There is Tyler, he and two friends came over to say hi. They just laid on our floor and ate our old Del taco haha. 

And here is our friend the Ginger Giant... hahahahaha

Then Alana and I went and met up with Kristy and Colbie to see a movie ha. 

She wanted a picture of her jumping haha, she tried. Kind of a fail.

This one is kind of cool ha, just cuz her sweater is up in the air. 

HAHAHA we all got SUPER ready to go out. As you can see:)

Colbie was super excited to get her picture taken ha... NOT 

While Kristy actually wanted hers taken haha. Good thing she looks wayy good even without make up. 


I LOVE Huntington beach:)

There was some event being put together right next to me ha. I kept having to move, well I kept moving.

Apparently body surfing?? Or body boarding, I guess they are two very different things, but I don't know the difference:) Ha 

Also I'm obsessed with the MUSE once again... Ugh I get so obsessed with music it's crazy. Also I am practicing the guitar again finally ha, I even have a makeshift pic because I didn't bring any back with me from Utah:) Soon enough I will be making music for ya'll. Can't wait to be home so I can sing with muh seesters:) Anyways, take care. 

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