Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April is GONE

How fast did April end? I have officially lived in California for over two months!! How in the, what the, where did all that time go? TIME FLIES!! I love life:) So... 

I heard another song today that I'm obsessed with, but where to post it? I only have so many Facebook friends walls that I feel comfortable posting a video on, and I've already posted on my own twice today! Duhhhhh, blog. However my blog was called Tay and Dan's So Cal adventures... I'm pretty sure those are over ha. I'm on my own, and I do what I want, sooo I decided to make my own blog, just about things:) I like things, things make me happy. I would love to share the things I love with the people I love, so why the heck not? This will be fun! Very first thing I wanted to share a little song that I'm completely obsessed with right now, called lights. The girl's name is Ellie Goulding, I hadn't even heard of her until the other night driving to Santa Monica to do some visuals for the other store. Alana and Jennifer were talking her up and so I had to hear her... it ending up being a song I had heard a few times play in the store and had actually really liked... now I've bought this and four other songs of hers on Itunes already! 

Next is a song that Alana and I are obsessed with, it's called 

Black and Gold 

I was just looking up some Adele songs and she had a cover of it, and it turns out Katy Perry and ironically enough, Ellie Goulding as well. I had no idea. They are all really different, I will post Sam Sparro's (the original) video of course, he is my favorite, and then Adele's. I can't get over her voice. It really is just beautiful. 


Ehh, and if you have extra time and want to listen to the others, go ahead. They aren't bad at all! 

My day today consisted of a very LONG shift at work, (not really, just felt like it)mostly because I'm mentally exhausted. I hate being a grown up. Car problems suck! It's tough being a little girl in this big ol' world. I can't complain though! I am SO blessed, I can't even tell you how often I find myself smiling, thanking god for the smallest things these days. People! A smile really can change a person's day, and why wouldn't you want to do that? Anyway, a big thanks goes out to all my friends that keep giving me rides, giving me advice on what to do with my car, and who to take it to! Tomorrow morning will hopefully be the end of that, and I promise to make it up to all of you! I'm such a pain, and I promise I hate it!! I'm not one to ask for favors. I love you all! 

Also thanks Alana, for making me run, even though it's my least favorite thing to do. Despite the random raccoons scaring the crap out of us, it's pretty relaxing ha, the next day usually goes a lot better. 3 laps tomorrow! Ha, maybe we will run for 15 minutes instead of 10!! 

This is my diet lately... for those of you who know me well, this will not be shocking for you at all, those who don't... can't say the same.

These are both pictures I don't even remember taking... but I'm absolutely obssesed with Nachos, the fact that I had two pictures from two different days is actually pretty embarrassing ha. I don't even take pictures of big events, and yet I have two pictures of nachos. I had nachos today for lunch, and I had them for dinner last night. My intake of nachos is something else. I seriously want nachos right now looking at these pictures though... how could you not? Ughhh I'm hungry.

My next weakness (thanks mom) is Diet Coke. All I hear is how it's actually one of the most unhealthy sodas you can drink. I freakin love it. I love a lot of it. My day goes so much better when I'm drinking it. I had two big diet cokes today by lunch time... someone help. I'm also completely addicted to reese's peanut butter cups!! Ha I wish was exaggerating when I say I sit down and eat 12-16 cups at a time. Not the little ones either. This duo is killing me... I can't resist. Add COD, and I will seriously NEVER ask for anything ever again ha. Too bad I don't have an xbox here. 

EASTER: Jillian Zepeda made us dinner:) It was delicious and a lot of fun!! She did it really fast too! She was our mom away from home! I had to take a picture because it was so sweet of her. Thanks Gill! (not a typo) hahaha

Mmm mmm good, mashed potatoes! My old fav, before I found out I was allergic to gravy:/

Next week Utah better be ready for me, I'm bringing the California sunshine with me!! I am really praying it's good weather, I want to play outside the whole time!!! I miss it so much, and apparently I say the word mountain weird ha... I say I know better! These Californians are a lil bit crazy! I miss the mountains most! Can't beat Utah's!

PS, I left my quote book back at the frat house, so this will have to do until my car is able to drive that far again! I'm obsessed with quotes. They really make you think, and smile:) 

This one seemed more than appropriate

The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.  
-John E. Southard



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