Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lots of pics:)

Today I took 472,000 pictures. Well that's an exaggeration, but I did take a lot. Mostly of random things. First thing, I took a picture of my breakfast... most of you could probably guess what that is... yep. 


I know, I'm SUCH a good photographer!

I literally (almost everyday!) wake up thinking about reese's peanut butter cups. It's disgusting.

Next thing I think about is what my mom just informed me of; while she was borrowing my car to drive my sister to school, she "noticed" my tire was flat. SCORE. Couldn't think of anything better ha. Luckily it happened while I was in Utah, and had conveniently bought new tires not too long ago, so the flat was covered. I, being the weirdo I am, took a picture of this.

Or 2


Well nothing was going to get me down today! The tire just gave me an excuse to walk around and waste 30 minutes. So of course I brought my camera and took a few pictures of random things. Here are a few. So glad I have a camera that pretty much makes the pictures look good for me!

Then I got hungry so I went to get some freaking AMAZING mexican food from good ol' Del Taco:)

Pretty rad picture, and I'm sure you can guess what that cup is filled with ha.

THEN, I finally got to go up the canyon! I picked up Er and we drove up to the lake. We snapped a few pictures. It seriously is so pretty, it definitely was not even a little bit warm though. 

Here is Er, I love her. Like a lot

This little guy let me get SOO close ha. 


I'm pretty sure this is the mountain I'm climbing on Saturday ha.

After that I went and visited my old work! I missed everyone so much, and actually was super surprised how many of them remembered me! So crazy.

This is Helen, she calls me all the time still checking up on me all alone in California ha, I love her.

Ione just happened to stop by when I was in Helen's room and the first thing she says to me is "Are you gonna take my picture or not?" ha. 

Then I stopped by home after and cuddled with Todd a bit, Mikayla snapped a couple pictures. I spent the whole day with him ha:) He came with me everywhere. 

Here he is on the way to pick up my new glasses, which I'm not really sure if I like them or not yet, but I don't really have any other options ha. 

He likes the window down:)

Ha so cute, even though he probably can't see anything!

Then Todd and I went and got frozen yogurt with Pablo Blaqk (new friend). He's pretty rad. This is him.

Yeah, as you can see, he is really good looking. Ha

And you can tell I was totally in the mood to get my picture taken today

Kind of weird, almost looks like it's not my hand. It is.

I had cheesecake flavored yogurt with reese's in it of course.

He continued to take unwanted photos, insisting I was photogenic, well here is photogenic for you

Not so much

However, Todd is quite photogenic.

He's my best friend.

After that I went home and started getting ready for the night, I decided to get ready AT Seth's house, however Seth had different plans. He wanted to go bowling. Seriously the thing I am the absolute worst at. Ha, but it was fun. 


PEACE, I think that means strike?


And I definitely am pro, ahem... the split. We will pretend I got both of them:)


Snow White, obviously didn't win. Boohoo.

Then I picked up Bekah and Ash and we headed up to Salt Lake and decided to go to the capital and take pictures. It was actually really fun, even though it was FREEZING

These will most likely entertain you, just don't ask for any explanations:)

Here is the state of Utah's capitol building:) 

This is actually a really beautiful picture, mostly because of what it is of.

I pledge allegiance... ha

Real great guys


So pretty

Don't mind the cleavage, couldn't resist putting it up. It's so BEKAH.

Bekah and Holly Strugglin!

Bekah and Me

Holly and me, TRYING to point at the moon. Pretty successful I'd say.


"Are you lost little girl??"

Holly took a pic of the stairs because she said it looked rad, she was right.

Holly is a little bit obsessed with the moon. Vampire? I think so.

Ha, again

There it is folks

Oh, and there is me. Snow white, or Pocahontas ha.

AFTER THAT, we picked up Taylor and told scary stories until 2AM. Wow, weird night.

Ash and Bekah

Holly was a little bit scared ha.

Well that was my eventful day, and it is now 4AM, so I gotta get to bed so that I can have another one tomorrow:) Night All.

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