Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm a little behind

I confuse myself when I post this late, but I'm doing it anyway. Surprisingly enough, I didn't end up doing anything today. Ha, I had plans, but I guess I just wanted to sit and hang with the family. Didn't help that I slept until twelve, woke up and watched a movie, then crashed for another two hours ha. I had to catch up from the drive I guess. But now I'm ready to party! I am excited for all the things I have planned, and especially taking pictures of all of them. Tomorrow I am definitely going up the canyon (even if it's raining) and taking some photos. It was freezing today btw, ha as Seth pointed out, I'm NOT bringing the CA sunshine with me! Oops, but it is supposed to be warm by Thursday! Yay! 

JUDE LAW: Biggest babe of my life. 

I watched the Holiday today with my sisters... six of us girls ha. There wasn't even a minute where one of us wasn't saying how much we absolutely adore him. He is so sexy it's ridiculous. I am positive that I will watch that movie again before I leave here. I took a whole bunch of pictures of him, on the TV. Obsessed a little? Yes. I'd say so. 

Ha funny fact, I just googled him with his glasses on and there are a bunch of pictures people had taken, but they are of a TV too! There are other people just as crazy as me!!! 

This is my little sister Hope. She is a Diva, in every sense of the word ha. This picture speaks volumes. Ha she will be a heartbreaker, that's for sure. 

This is my other little sister Kass, she is really cute. We don't know where she got her blonde hair. She just got braces!! OH BOY!

And here is weird CHEWY. He seriously is the strangest dog. He likes to sleep with his head on metal bars. He has always done this since he was little. I snapped a couple pictures of it just because it made me laugh and anyone who knows him will probably get a kick out of these:)

After that, not a lot happened ha. I went to the store with my momma, and then we came home, ate some food, and my mom started talking about "The voice" as if I knew what it was. I told her I didn't, she ran and got my dad and told him. They were acting like this was a HUGE problem. They turn on the TV and go to the recordings and start playing. My family watches American Idol religiously. For real, we are the harshest critics and it really pisses us off when people that suck make it to the end... while really really good singers don't make it. Anyway so "The voice" is basically American Idol on crack. I actually think I like it more. The judges are turned around backwards, and are all artists themselves... it's super interesting, and they pick based on what they think they can work with... later on in the show they will all compete!! It seriously is genius! SOOOO I spent the ENTIRE night catching up on this show ha. I look at the clock and it's 11:30. Oh my ha, good thing I hadn't really made any definite plans. Anyone who I had implied that I was going to play with, I'm sorry. I really did plan on it. Time just got away from me!  I WILL play with you tomorrow. NO PLANS, WOO HOO. Well besides the canyon. If anyone wants to accompany me, let me know:) Ha. Night

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