Thursday, May 12, 2011


SO I totally already stayed up from 2 to 3 in the morning last night doing this blog post and when I finally finished, it said it couldn't save anything, and didn't post it... cool. SERIOUSLY PISSED!!! Ugh, anyway, I am basically just posting the pictures now because I don't want to deal with it:) Enjoy

This is me being the mom, I was driving carpool ha

Kassi, my 12 year old sister took all of these... pretty rad I'd say

Oh Sarah Berry

3 Best friends!!

Kass and Sarah being SKETCH

Sarah struggles...


Then dinner with the Fam at Cafe Rio:)



Umm, she is definitely a little special

Self timer fail

The whole family:)

Then Mikayla and Ash took a couple pictures on the way home

Off to bowling... I don't know how I always get sucked into bowling. They wouldn't even let me put the bumpers up this time!!

Ash and Erin

I got a strike as you can see, I'm not overjoyed or anything...

Crush maybe?

Jentri and her 8lb pink ball ha

You never know what Jordan is doing

The gang

Keener and the Snow sistas


The babes!

Oh Jordan

Jench and Shli

Erin looks good bowling...

Jordan wearing Jentri's glasses ha

The whole crew:) Well minus a couple people our great photographer didn't want in the picture ha.

Don't have any idea

We're special

Saying goodbye

The boyzzz

And Happy Birthday SHLI!

So there, I cut it way short. I feel bad but I literally spent an hour on it last night and so I couldn't make myself do it again. And I'm kicking myself because I should've known it wouldn't save, because it kept saying error on autosave. I had planned to copy the whole thing before, but forgot to and then it all went blank... Seriously kicking myself... Ugh oh well ha. Today is the day and tonight's blog post will be the best!! Can't wait, ya'll have a good DAY! Weird to say that ha. Later

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