Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So I'm gonna be famous

Wow I'm gonna sound so cocky after this, but I know I could be famous ha. I have literally debated with myself if I want to be famous or not ha. This blog is about being honest right?? Ha well I've decided I WILL be famous. Sad that I am now 23 and deciding this, but I guess I've lived my life right? NEW ADVENTURE. Ha I'm going to learn to play guitar and take voice lessons, two things I've always planned on, but never made time for. I just can't decide if I want to do broadway or just sing. Wow. Oh my I hope people see this and make fun of me for it, then it will force me to prove myself ha. So let the Jokes begin:) Hahahaha XOXO


  1. Love this Dany. Can't wait to tell people I knew you before you were famous :)

  2. You will... Clearly you have the determination :) And that pretty much all you need, besides talent! Double check.
    Start posting videos of you singing.. or do something to get on Ellen. That always works too :)