Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The answer

Leave it alone

If you seek it

It transforms



But that's not what I want

I want IT

I want it to reveal itself to me

I don't want it to change

I don't want to seek it

Don't make me seek it

Let it be

No rushing time

You can't get it back

There are other things to do

What's the hurry?

You have ALL the time


Not just this life

For life is ETERNAL

So don't hurry anything

Take a look around






For once you've found yourself

The answer 

In it's true form

Was there the whole time

Sometimes I have to write things down to answer my own questions, this was one of those times. You know, who cares what other people think, who cares if someone says you can't do something, or aren't pretty enough, or smart enough! What do they freaking know?? They know their own insecurities, and they will continue to have them until they figure this out for themselves. Their own answer is inside of them, until they know themselves, nobody else will respect them. Don't let someone else get you down, and don't tear anyone else down! Love yourself! It's a vicious cycle. Can't forget who you are. I never want to be any one but me! I love me:) I love my pep talks with myself ha 

ANY WAY, (apparently that is not a grammatically correct saying)

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