Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life is what you make it

I have kind of been busy with A LOT of working, so I am behind on this post by a few days, but here it is now. 

(this was written on Wednesday, it's now Saturday)

Today is a weird day. I woke up out of no where right after ten, good thing because if I hadn't have, the store would not be open and we would be in big trouble. Alana and I stayed until 5:30AM last night re-doing the visuals in the entire store. It was fun, but it sure made me tired, so it was extremely fortunate to have woken up.  However, I did not go back to sleep. I couldn't, I saw some disturbing news. My friend, a dear friend Spencer Waite had passed away. Only one other time in my life has news felt like a dream. I didn't believe it. I seriously DID NOT believe it. Not until I went to his facebook page and saw loads of comments saying RIP. I talked to him a week ago, he said he was doing great and wanted to see me, we had plans to hang out when I drove through Vegas next week:( Death is so crazy. You NEVER get to talk to that person again, as long as your here on this earth. I am so grateful that I did get to talk to him before this though, it was very lucky. We hadn't talked in at least a few months. He was seriously the greatest, most genuine guy you will ever meet. My life was blessed for having known him. I love you Spencer, and will miss you so much! I'm sure you're watching all the people that loved you, pray for you and your family, and I hope you feel their love:)

I've been around death so much, what I want to do for the rest of my life surrounds me with it. It's different when you're 22 years old though. So much to live for, so much to do. So many plans, so many people to meet, so much to learn. It's ironic that it takes death to remember how to live. It's like a big slap in the face, it was weird, the first thing I did was post some lyrics to his wall, music is my answer. It's how things are best said. It just makes me want to stop being shy, stop hiding my talent, stop being afraid of what people will think, and just go for it. We have one life to live. Our ultimate purpose in life is to return to our heavenly father, and part of that is developing talents, so that's what I'm going to do. I thought about this all morning. I know Spencer is in heaven, I don't think I know one person on this planet that deserves it more than him. His honest intentions, his uplifting spirit, they've inspired me. He was obviously needed on the other side, and had fulfilled his purpose in life here:) It makes me smile to think of him with his dad there.

Okay, I'm sorry if that was depressing for some, death isn't easy, and I guess this blog has been used as therapy for me at times, but who knows, maybe something I say someday, will make an impact on someone's life. I truly am very grateful for all of my friends. I try to be the best person I can be, and sometimes I think I'm a little insensitive to people's feelings, and I hate it. I promise to try to be better. If there is ever ANYTHING anyone needs, PLEASE let me know. I love everyone, I sincerely mean that. I love my enemies and when I say I would take a bullet for someone that hated me, I mean it. I just want everyone to enjoy life, and enjoy mine. I love you all.

Anyways, I'm getting emotional once again, I thought I was done crying ha, but I guess not.

Here is what my post was originally supposed to be.

This was one of my adventures to Huntington Beach

Some New Zealand Technoish band. (I know that isn't a real word)

Some street show, I will have to upload the video I took of it, it was pretty rad. This is when he pulled me into the middle and asked me to record this trick he was going to do...

Then he laid down on the ground and started modeling, ha.

So yeah, this next week will for sure make up for my lack of blogging lately. It will be much more exciting. I am now done with work and SUPER excited to be just playing for a whole week straight. First I need to catch up with sleep:/

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  1. I just re-read it, and apologize for it being all over the place. I really was super emotional and didn't edit anything. Guess that's real life.