Monday, August 8, 2011


Okay, so I think I'm pretty safe in saying I have a job!! Ha, I've officially worked three shifts, which makes me an actual employee at Alta Ridge Alzheimers!! It feels so good, it will be a hell of a time catching up with money though. CA didn't treat me too well when it comes to that. I will get there though, I just wish I could work more! Honestly I've missed working. A lot. My first day my back ached so much, I seriously thought I wasn't going to be able to hack it. I proved myself though, I have a hall that I am assigned to, and they told me they were only gonna train me two days, then I was on my own... because of my work experience ha.... trusting I know. However, I'd like to say I did great, I did everything I was supposed to and more:) I took an extra shift the day after, and was pretty nervous about it, because I was all on my own, and I rocked it ha.
I love it
 I already have fallen in love with so many people, and I just can't wait to make a difference. It's definitely my passion, and
I've sure missed it.

Another funny little sidenote, Taylor Weiland and I went to Bastille a few weeks back, and I turned in an application. They said they weren't hiring, but they would take my resume in case they needed someone. So this last week Taylor and I hung out and she said she got an e-mail from Bastille saying that she was to call in for an interview. Ha, but she never applied... luckily she was with me so that she could tell me. Turns out that when Taylor and I were in CA together, we had put both of our resumes in the same little box. I somehow grabbed her resume without noticing and turned it in ha. So today I forwarded them the message and attached my resume. Just kind of funny that things like that can happen ha. It would be awesome to work there a few nights a week too though.

Also, I want to be a redbull girl... more than anything pretty much ha. It seriously just sounds like so much fun. So today Brian told me that the redbull girls came into his work and he asked them how to become one, they said you just go online and if there is a job opening, that is where you apply. So I did. Ha I didn't realize it was like a legit job though, ha oh well. If it is supposed to be I will figure it out ha. I seriously just want to carry one of those big fat redbull cans on my back. I can't think of a better job, doesn't hurt that Ashli and I are both obsessed with redbull as it is:)

I guess maybe I can start planning again now. I have always made plans, but lately things have been so out of my hands that I've had to just let things happen and deal with it. I'm not complaining at all either. I'm actually really grateful! I haven't really had these challenges in the past, and like they say, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and it certainly does!! I have been so moneywise the last three months!! I have never been that way in my life, guess I needed this after all ha. Good thing I have a great family, and awesome friends that make it a whole lot easier.

My mom has this quote in our house:
"When you have nothing left but god, you become aware that god is enough"



and I've never been more happy about anything!!!
I'm finally free ha
I now run on strictly water and lemonade:)
and it feels great

You guys, I have not cried except once (good reason) in I don't know how long. I know they say sometimes it's good to cry, but in all honesty, it is GREAT NOT to cry. I love that there is a plan for me, and that I have that little filter that helps me to see the positive in things. I just always have to remember that:)


This is probably one of my absolute favorite quotes, there are a lot that kind of say the same thing, but none that are so simply put. I hope to leave some kind of legacy someday:)

This kind of goes a long with the last one

I know I already put this on my facebook, but I can't get enough of it. If I could be one human being in the world, I would be her. Seriously? Justin Bieber, HELLO. Plus I wouldn't hate being this pretty!

I must be on a Disney kick too, this will probably get old fast, but I just love songs with so much emotion, and this one takes the cake.


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