Thursday, July 28, 2011


Okay So I have not blogged in a really long time; since I've moved home. 
I have just been having TOO much fun.
It doesn't help that for some reason my MAC charger decided to stop working either. I can't even upload pictures! I borrowed Brian's when he was home, but now he is in freaking CANADA and definitely can't borrow it from him there. So I'm sorry this blogpost will be fairly boring, I didn't think people really read my blog, but there were 26 views today, and around that many each day, so I guess for the few people that do check up on me, I owe you an apology! I really do enjoy blogging, and I feel like now that things are finally settling down, I will probably be posting more often!! 

Small update:

 It's crazy when you look back at trials and they have suddenly become blessings. I have been SOOO stressed out, worrying about finding a job, almost mad that I was leaving every weekend, doing family stuff, limiting the time I had to search for a job, but now I realize there is a reason that job lead me on so long! I got to do so many of our family vacations that I've missed the past 4-5 YEARS!! 

I seriously LOVE my family.

 I'm obsessed.

 I legitimately have THEE coolest family! 

We bicker, we fight, we SCREAM and YELL, but we love each other so much. We would do anything for each other, and I can't believe how much I've missed these past few years working... so I could buy clothes... or go on vacations with friends. I feel somehow I've grown up a bit; realized that Utah is my home, where I belong. I want to stay as close to my family as possible!
 I value that so much more than I ever have! I really am so grateful for everything they do for me! 

And my friends..... Ha. I have the greatest friends ever. I smile the ENTIRE time I am with them. I don't even care who I end up hanging out with at the end of the night because I ONLY have such good ones! They kill me, they're entertaining, they're there for me, they're supportive, they're helpful, they're genuinely good people. I just can't believe how blessed I am! Really it makes me want to cry when I remember to count my blessings. I hate when I feel sorry for myself, but I am grateful that I get that way sometimes because it reminds me of what I do have. 

I mean it. 


I have some weird emotions lately, and I HATE them. I hate when I feel a certain way, and no matter how hard I try to not think about it, or forget it, I have no control over it. Just things that have happened, that I wish I could change, or people in my life that are leaving and I don't want them to leave. It's just been a roller coaster. Even more so for my mom. Sometimes I wish I had a time machine, other times I wish I could stop time completely. I guess that's what life is about though. Moving on, changing, progressing.. etc. I just haven't ever felt like so many things around me were completely out of my hands. It's all just chance now. I guess maybe I should be happy that for so much of my life, I have been able to control a lot? I know people have it so much worse than me, who am I kidding... I seriously don't even have it bad at all, but still. It's just a foreign feeling, and I'm just not all that happy with it. Ughhh blabbering on about nothing. 

Duces on that subject.

Anyways, better go get a job now.  

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